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At sixteen hours, Aroko arrived, he was already late. His fellow elders nearly ate him. “What were you doing Mr. Aroko? Alcohol again?” asked Anjugo who was already drank.
---Men, there’s a problem.
---What problem Aroko? Asked Mr. Osienya who was at his mid eighties.
---What? Screamed Abukabi who was one hundred and forty years old; his eyes nearly popped out.
---Yes, Layola is here, I saw her talking to Akisi outside.
---Which outside? Are we inside?
---Yes, we are inside Mr. Abukabi, we are inside, and she is outside talking.
---Mama yangu weee! … We are finished.
---What are we going to do now? Asked Akuro who was trembling like an earthquake, his jaws shaking like a generator. Are we going to die like the other time? Somebody tell me please?
---What are you talking about Mr. Akuro?
---I’m talking about Layola.
---We are already dead as we speak. Abukabi reminded his fellow elders and the band of fishermen who were inside that house.
---Already dead? We are still alive bwana! Aroko was still optimistic.
---Look at you…
---Look at what?
---Look at you now?
---I know how I look like, why looking at my own self again? What, are you seeing a ghost?
---Yes, I am seeing a ghost, a very stubborn ghost who doesn’t like to look at himself.
---If I am a ghost, then perhaps you’re a blind monster. Can’t you see your own ribs, Hahahaaaa! You look handsome Mr. Akuro.
---Oh yes, let me see those ribs you’re talking about… (Mr. Akuro gazed at his own body only to see he has changed into a skeleton) haaa, haaa, what is this? Uuuuuwiiii, Uuuuuwiiii, somebody help me?
     The commotion developed into something very terrible, everyone was running here and there shouting, asking for help. Everyone in that house turned to be a skeleton, they laughed at each other for the first time, but now they were trying to help each other, but they were very funny, they kept on laughing just like during their old days. Some were asking the whereabouts of their flesh. Actually, it was a comedy of some sort.
---Have you seen my buttocks? (Asked Mr. Osienya)
---Not really, perhaps Layola can answer that question, don’t you think so?
---Yeah! I think so Mr. Aroko.
---I can’t understand; but why is everyone a skeleton?
---A skeleton is always there, why are you afraid of your own skeleton? You should be happy to have seen your own internal morphology.
---Yes Mr. Osienya. You should be happy.
---Are you also happy Mr. Aroko?
---Happy? Is there anything to be happy about?
---What is it?
---Your skeleton.
---Stupid, what skeleton? Get out of here you scam, skeleton…
     They were confused, Layola took Akisi and they were on their way leaving Ratura, they were heading down the lake. Madusa was nowhere to be seen, it was nothing but chaos and confusion. The council of five sat, other fishermen also demanded to be included in the council. Abukabi welcomed them, now it was the council of skeletons. They decided to find Madusa and his wife. They took hoes, spades, machetes, paddles, stones and woods. Off they went, the council of skeletons, in a quest to find Madusa, in the hunt for Layola, determined to sacrifice Akisi… forward they marched… the council of skeletons.
     About thirty minutes later, they reached the banks of Alawan River, the largest tributary flowing into Mukuwang, the mouth of the great Kamurando that pours its water into Lake Ratura. The council marched, without haste, without rest. Reaching the shores of Lake Ratura, it was already late. Layola and Akisi were already far inwards, water level reaching their necks, the council shouted…
---What are you doing? Asked Anjugo, as if he was not seeing what was happening down there.
---Where are you going? Added Akuro, “Where is Madusa?” hey!
---Hey? Insisted Abukabi; but none of their efforts produced better results.
     Layola and Akisi submerged completely into the deeps of the lake as the skeletons watched. They remained there, with their arms akimbo, standing like electrical poles, as if something glued their feet, and they changed into trees and water weeds. After some minutes, Madusa arrived there, this time he was completely an animal, not a human again. He was like a snake-dog. Half a dog, half a snake; his four limbs like a stallion, barking like a dog, but he was an herbivore. He fed on grasses and leaves.
     Actually, he was a very scary and ugly animal, when he reached there to drink water, he saw the weeds and some trees nearby; he started grazing there and consumed all the green vegetation around. Little had he knows, that the very weed and trees he was eating were exactly the elders and his fellow fishermen, he could have wished to die instead of living in misery like that. After filling his belly, he drank water and left into wilderness. Poor Madusa! That was his destiny. He lived in the wilderness for the rest of his life, and there was no any other fisherman in the village. Melancholy!
---Then what happened grandpa? (Asked Lumbazi who was very cunning)
---That is what happened, Madusa died!
---What killed him?
---Death? That is ridiculous, why is death so cruel?
---Grandpa? Grandpa… grandpaaaaaa?
     King Rhombus passed on shortly after telling children what happened to Madusa the fisherman. Another phase of mourning raided the hearts of the little kids. Their first grandpa had just passed on four days earlier, now again King Rhombus, they hated the place. The house where an old man used to live disappeared with the corpse of the king. It rained heavily that night, it was thundering throughout. Children ascended to the pavilion, after seeing what happened to that little house of their grandpa just disappearing into the thin air, they came to the conclusion that, everything was just a dream. So, they waited for the dawn to wake up. All alone in the pavilion, just like the world orphans, they have got no one to call their mother or father. No place to call their home. They sat there and waited, they waited till they both fell asleep.
     They kept on waiting for the morning, but the rising sun was nowhere to be seen. Although the situation weakened their morale, but they waited for the fullness of time; and there came a time when it dawned, they only came to find that they were late for school. Their mother came there to wake them up; actually, they were late for school.
---Hey you little warthogs, look at their buttocks, mosquitoes must have sucked your bitter blood to the maximum, wake up you idiots!
---Wake up, wake up… wake up you Indian cockroaches. (The woman grabbed the bed sheet which smelled like rotten menstrual blood, raw shit, hyena’s semen and a donkey’s piss combined.)
---You belong to which kingdom; Monera, Protista or Plantae?
---Don’t wake me up! (Screamed one of the boys)
---Hey you anthropoids, wake up?
---Mom, you’re too much. You talk like a parrot, aren’t you tired?
---Are you not going to school?
---Which school, are we students?
---No, you are teachers. Now get up before I circumcise you with a piece of glass. Don’t you know you’re in the middle of your national examinations?
---We know mom!
---We are going!
---Which subject are you doing today?
---And what is Biology?
---Is a branch of science which deals with the study of stubborn mothers… hahahaaa! (They laughed at their mother in a joking way)
---Pathetic! You must be out of your mind, or perhaps your mind is out of you, idiots. If you answer that, your worthless lives are doomed. Now get ready edentates. Shame upon you; stupid tamanduas, worthless arachnids, foolish aardvarks, toothless sloths, blind armadillos, sick pangolins… sons of an ape! You must be sick in the head. You are alone, if you don’t struggle for success, your stupidity and laziness will bring no food on the table. You must toil, you must labor, and you must sweat. The world is corrupted, but you must live; and you must live big. Being number one is everything, no second places, no second sucks. You must win! Remember, the world works with three people; the connected ones, the talented ones and the educated ones, you must get the light for the riches of this world are hidden far away from the hands of darkness. Go and get the light my titans!
---Thank you mom!
---You’re welcome!
     They left for the school and their stubborn mother as they thought wished them the best in their examinations. Off they went, with their school bags at their backs, filled with boiled sweet potatoes and a bottle of condensed milk. Just like their dream grandpa, they were always that way; the ways of the grandchildren, sliver by sliver; without haste, without rest.
The End

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