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Post by Jonathan Tafreg on Sun Apr 29, 2018 12:26 pm

Bones for poor, flesh for rich
Take your water, I'm not a fish
Don't forget this in your speech
I'm still a poor man.

They say we have many parks, 
They say we have many trees, 
They say we have many mines, 
I'm still a poor man.

Children are sitting on stones, 
Neither chair nor desk in schools, 
And you promise better life, 
I'm still a poor man.

In the North is Afro top, 
In the East Erythraean Sea, 
Inland we have many lakes, 
I'm still a poor man.

Graduates don't have a job, 
In the office all your friends, 
And you want my vote again, 
I'm still a poor man.

Marijuana is what you see, 
But CORRUPTION down your feet, 
In the school they're selling names, 
I'm still a poor man. 

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