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(For Form One Candidates Only)


Time: 1:30 Hours                                                                                          Friday, 12th, May 2017 p.m.



1. This paper consists of sections A, B and C

2. Answer all questions in both sections.

3. Cellular phones and calculators are not allowed in the examination room.

4. Write your Examination Number on every page of your answer booklet(s).


SECTION A (15 Marks)



1.      Read the passage below carefully and then answer the questions that follow:

Trees play an important role in preserving and protecting our environment. They release oxygen in the air and absorb carbon dioxide. In this way they help to reduce the amount of pollution in the earth’s atmosphere. Trees plays the important role in the water cycle as they release moisture in the atmosphere through their leaves, in turn this helps the formation of clouds which bring rain. Loss of trees can therefore be a cause of drought. In addition, at times where there is rain, trees can soak up much of the extra water and so, they help to prevent floods. Trees also help to prevent soil erosions, they work like nets trapping soil and stopping it from being washed away.


In addition, fallen trees branches and leaves decay on the ground hence making soil more fertile. An individual tree can be a home to all kinds of tree dwellers animals, mammals, reptiles, birds, insects as well as other plants. In thick forests, millions types of trees can be found. For example, in the tropical rain forest which occupy about 8 percent of earth’s land area are homes to over 50 percent of all animals.


In addition to these benefits, products from trees provide human beings with a thousand of items. Many fruits and seeds are eaten by humans and animals. There is also wood, people do thousands of things with wood. It is used in the construction of both traditional and modern buildings. There is also furniture, such as wardrobes, beds, tables, chairs, doors to mention but a few. All of these items are made of wood.


In streets, there may be all kinds of structures made of wood like signboards, telephone and electricity poles, fences and gates. Wood is also a source of fuel. Generally trees and its advantages touch every human beings and nonhuman beings.



(a)    Choose the most correct answer from among the alternatives given and write its letter in your answer booklet.


(i) Trees play an important role in preserving and protecting our environment because:


A. they provide shade on both hot days and shelter on wet days

B. they protect the environment from pollution and the effect of weather

C. they provide fruits and seeds which are eaten by only animals                [       ]

D. they make the soil fertile by producing oxygen and carbon dioxide

E. they absorb excessive moisture from the atmosphere.


 (ii) Trees play an important role in the water cycle by:


A. increasing the amount of moisture in the atmosphere

B. absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere

C. preserving the soil texture through its leaves                   [       ]

D. preventing the soil from being washed away

E. soaking up much of the extra water


(iii) Loss of trees may cause drought because:


A. the soil that is trapped by trees is washed away

B. there will be no branches and leaves to fertilize the soil

C. the clouds which bring rains will always be present

D. the amount of moisture in the atmosphere will be reduced       [       ]

E. trees in most cases only prevent rain water.


(iv) Why trees are beneficial to humans?


A. They stop the soil from being washed away

B. They balance the amount of water in the soil and air

C. They release water from atmosphere                               [       ]

D. They provide home to all kinds of animals

E. They provide fruits, wood and fuel


(b)   Complete the following sentences with the right information from the passage:


(i) Mention any of the four kinds of species that a tree can accommodate as home


(ii) Write down two major activities that trees do for preserving and protecting the environment ________________________ and ________________________.

(iii) Modern houses can be constructed out of ________________________.




SECTION B (60 Marks)



Answer all the questions in this section


2.      Using the words below, complete the following expressions: (20 Marks)


Nurse, accountant, artist, teacher, thief, tenant, doctor


(a) A person who takes other people properties without permission is called __________.

(b) A person who paints pictures, signs and composes poems is called __________.

(c) A person who pays rent for the use of a room, building or land to the person who owns it is called __________.

(d) A person whose job is to keep or check financial accounts is called __________.


3. Fill in the gaps with the appropriate articles where necessary: (20 Marks)

(a) The Earth moves round __________ sun.

(b) It was __________ honour for our school to be awarded the medal.

(c) My friend is __________ European.

(d) Pemba is __________ Island.


4. Read the following paragraph and answer the questions that follow: (20 Marks)


My name is Lilian. I live with my family in Tabora. My father is a Secondary School teacher. My mother is an accountant. My elder sister is a police woman. She works at the police headquarters.

Uncle Thomas is my father’s brother. He’s a carpenter and a builder. He builds most of the Primary schools in the ward. His wife is a Secretary. Their three sons? Paul, David and Michael are drivers, and electrician and a plumber respectively. Their two daughters; Magreth and Rosemary work at the local hospital. Magreth is a Laboratory assistant and Rosemary is a nurse. Uncle Peter is my mother’s brother. He is a Professor at the University.


Fill in the blank spaces with the correct information from the paragraph.

(a) Lilian’s father occupation is a __________.

(b) Uncle Thomas son who is a driver is called __________.

(c) Uncle Peter is __________ at the University.

(d) The laboratory assistance is __________.




SECTION C (25 Marks)



5. Match each expression in List A with the word in List B by writing the correct letter beside the item number in the answer booklet provided.



(i) The son of your brother or sister_______

(ii) The child of your daughter or son________

(iii) The child of your aunt or uncle___________

(iv) A brother or sister________

(v) The brother of your father or mother______




A. sibling

B. uncle

C. nephew

D. grandchild

E. cousin

F. grandfather

G. niece

H. brother in law




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