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Good things never last, a man was made to live forever, but an old serpent did not allow that to come to pass. Doctors and nurses rushed in; one nurse was carrying a tray full of syringes and tablets, the other two in gloves were busy preparing to carry the dead body. The other guy in white coat with the Stethoscope around his neck told them to take the body straight to the mortuary. I waited for them to carry the body but they never did, instead they carried me, they thought I was dead but I was very alive, a mockery to the profession! While all these were happening, my four eyes were wide open like those of a dead housefly. I was breathing but no one noticed. Even that guy with the Stethoscope didn’t discover that my pure heart was beating. I don’t know whether he was carrying it for show off or he was a real hell of a professional.
     They took me to the mortuary and left me there with the mortuary attendant to take good care of me. The keeper of the chapel of rest stared at me straight to the eye and told me “hey dead man, why are you looking at me huh? Close those big eyes of yours before I smash them, you got the money?
     In the mortuary only the dead rich men and women receives special treatment”. As he was still lecturing me, another body entered; it was her, the lady queen of mine. The mortuary man asked the nurse, hey, what killed this beautiful angel? The nurse replied, internal bleeding. The nurse left. Now it was just between the three of us in the mortuary. It took the mortuary man three seconds only to jump out of his trousers, his cock very black like the back of a lung fish, very huge like a clay yam, towering the sky high like the tower of Babylon, crowing like a rooster, roaring like a hungry lion; he pulled off that gown and the dead waist could no longer hide. I don’t know whether the dead Sophia was aware of what was happening to her bowels, but the way she was twisting her waist, as if she was very alive.
     The blood was coming out through all the holes in the body, but that didn’t seem to be the threat to the mortuary man. He continued to push it like a mad bull making love to a baby goat, he pushed and pushed and pushed, he pushed again and again; I heard a sound of a trumpet from the back of the dead lady. As he was traveling through the valley of death, his poor penis strong like a crane was discharging blood like a river mouth pouring its water into the ocean. When he finished his mission possible, now the impossibility was to withdraw his stupid cock out of her. When he tried, he came to realize that his cock has grown dramatically to the extent of measuring almost half a kilometer long. He was moving in reverse till he found himself outside the premises of the hospital. A team of professional surgeons sent by the Ministry of Health alleviated the shame, on that day his manhood was slew in public and he died forty minutes later. A lesson of the year, even Beelzebub himself was shocked by the news.
     In those wicked days when professionals thought that I was dead, I was somehow dead. I can’t really tell how I got out of the mortuary but I just remember how that stupid idiot raped my virgin Sophia before my very eyes. What I can remember vividly is what happened two days before the death of my lady queen. It was on Sunday, on that very day the weather was a bit windy and dusty. It was still in the morning, a decemberish breeze hit the windows and it was cool inside that I felt the need to hug someone. At that time to rape someone in my country was not a crime. But inside that lonely house who could I rape? No woman, no ghost, nor even a lady monster to come at my rescue.
     A man in the neighborhood that lived next door shouted as if he knew my needs; hey jungle boy? You need a woman? There are so many of them down the streets of Romata, or else why don’t you find a bitch or a duck or a monkey or a donkey or a cow or a sheep? They are easy going, free and romantic too. At that time I felt the presence of an alien fragrance near the door. In a twinkling of an eye I heard a knock on the door; I rushed from the room where I was looking outside through the window.
     I opened the door and behold! A beautiful, tall, black, dreaded sexy lady was standing right before me with her arms akimbo. Because of her dreads and her body structure, I thought I was watching a thriller movie. She pushed me back and I fell on the bed, what happens between a man and a woman happened. She was one of my ex-girlfriends, she came back from abroad that very morning and she made me her breakfast…mmmh! Bed breakfast, how sweet... Anita Martin she was called, the most hottest young juicy girl in the whole terrestrial globe; imagine a poor man like me ending up with such a top ranking girl in town, is that not a blessing? We went to the bathroom to take shower, oh my goodness! What a beautiful view?
     A true image of God taking shower with me, oh my Black G! Sometimes in life there are some precious moments that suppose not to end, we wish we could have them each and every day, but good time always doesn’t come all the time. We took our daily bread and went on an out of city vacation; the aim was to restore our former glory and a total renewal of our love. On our way out, we met Sophia who was also on her way to my place. Her intention was to make things right with me; she was the one I promised to marry. But she caught me blue handed with another woman, so now that the true owner is back, the true thief is also back and very ready to legalize her theft.
     For the sake of love and the promise I made to her, I told Anita to stop the car. That was the greatest mistake I ever made. Anita was not happy, she didn’t like it, first she just finished milking me few minutes ago, secondly; she is my ex-girlfriend and third; she is the one taking care of the bills, and even the car was hers. She swallowed her pride and glued her mouth. Sophia walked majestically towards Anita’s brand new Mercedes Benz, WOW! She wondered. Is this your car? She asked,
---No, I replied.
---OK, don’t mind, so where are you guys heading? Are you going to the beach or to screw the bitch?
---Sophia what’s wrong with you? I asked in bold tone. I knew she was up to something, she roared… “Hey Rastafarian do you remember me?” Anita jumped out of the car and cut her short.
---How can I forget huh? The monster who feeds on her own intestines, a serpent who will do whatever it takes to put on shoes, how can I?
     For sure at that very time Anita was really mad, the way she was yelling as if her mouth was shooting out magic popcorn. Sophia was still standing there as firm as an electric pole, speechless with her face down like the hanging gardens of Babylon. Anita continued to roar like a thunder and all the time her dreads turned over and over like the manes of the great Kansil Lion. I just decided to stay calm and watched the show, you know the women’s fight should be refereed by women alone, so I was just coaching them to continue with their oral battle; Mongrel on Mongrel, till Charon arrives.
     All the time Anita continued showering Sophia with the rain of words; her brand new Benz was getting rusty from the vibes of her bigger bums, her face turned bizarre. I knew she was about to make a scene as she was busy doing bizarreries. They continued exchanging hot words for almost half an hour. Let me tell you something about women. Throughout their lifetime, women don’t enjoy their beauty; even if they have bigger bums like those of an Elephant, only men have got the rights to properly utilize them. Both Sophia and Anita were perfectly created.
     The combination of properly shaped convex hips, round lips, spongy cheeks, concave waist, giraffe neck, sharp breast, soft thighs like aloe lotion and attractive fleshy calves like the bottle of Champagne from North East France. The chemistry was awesome. Their tenderness, their glamour and their splendor attracted my consciousness and I came to realize that both of them were weighing equally in my heart; but as usual, good things don’t last long; even the trees shouted when Anita aimed a revolver and pulled that trigger without hesitation; seven bullets found refuge deep inside Sophia’s breast and scattered her left mammary gland. Her heart wanted to stop beating but I think it didn’t because of her beauty.
     She was so beautiful that even the spirit of death felt shy to take her soul at the moment. Even the heavens were sad; the Prince of darkness himself was shocked. She managed to survive for twelve hours before resting in pain; very pathetic. That is how she perished.
My humble frozen audience who normally pays attention when I’m done talking were somewhere between heaven and hell.
*Children, are you there?
--- No, we are not
*Where are you?
--- We are sleeping.
I see, but I wonder who is answering, he must be dreaming loudly. Now wake up and brush your teeth, it’s dawning, find something to break your fast before killing yourselves with gastric ulcers, or else you’ll suffer from gastric flu and die in two minutes. Children hurried and rushed into the kitchen; after some minutes they gathered again for a story... At this juncture His Majesty the King was really enjoying, this is what he wanted, to hear the narratives from an old man.
     While there at the pavilion, he heard the hissing sound, he thought of a reptile that hisses. A snake, O’ yes, a snake is a reptile that hisses, and what is a snake doing there at the pavilion especially at that particular time in the night? When he turned around, he saw the face of a woman, a naked woman; she has been there for three days and two nights. During the day, she turned herself into a house, at night; she was nothing but a hissing sound that goes around the streets terrifying the neighborhood.
     The woman asked the King, “What really do you like from the stories narrated by that old man? Why don’t you stay in your palace and enjoy the loyalty from your subordinates?”
---Yes, your subordinates.
---Come to plain words, give me your meaning.
---Do I need to remind you Mr. President?
---Surprised? Don’t you remember me? Take a close look Mr. David Coin.
---So this one decided to speak, who are you? Reveal yourself now?
---Come on sweetheart?  Relax, enjoy the show. An old man knows exactly who you are, and that’s why he’s not letting you near him. If you want your life back, an old man must die. But he is very tricky; he can’t just die like a sheep. I am the only person who can help you in this. Believe me, this time he will die for sure, you just need to relax and wait, time will tell.
     So the King waited for the fullness of time, but an old man was not ordinary, he already knew that there was someone at the pavilion, and that was the reason as to why he kept on switching stories, sometimes narrating nonsense to those little kids. Seeing so, an old man continued, but he knew what was about to happen. Children did not notice; they just wanted a story with a happy ending. Optimistic!

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