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John Baraka was born in 1985, few miles from the shores of Lake Victoria, in a small town of Shirati, Tarime district by then (in present Rorya). He is the fourth born to the late Jennifer and Barbricks of Buturi, Makongro Mountain Villa, Mara region, United Republic of Tanzania.
     In 1997 he was enrolled as a standard one pupil at Sima Primary School in Bariadi, and left in 1999 following the quarrels between him and his step mother. In 2001 he joined his brothers at Kasino Primary School in Tarime where he completed his primary education there in 2005. His first encounter with Professor Patroba E. Ondiek and President Peter Mwera of SACHITA (Save Children of Tarime) illuminated his path as a responsible youth of the United Republic of Tanzania. He was merely a standard IV Pupil at the time. He was then selected to join ordinary secondary education at Pastor Raphael Odunga Secondary School in 2006. While there, he started his writing career. He wrote numerous poems, plays and short stories. His cherish for reggae music inspired by the late Lucky Dube fuelled his poetic skills and began composing his own songs in 2007. He completed his ordinary level education in 2009 and left for Kenya.
     His return to the country followed in 2010 when he was selected to join Lukole High School in Ngara district, Kagera, for advanced level secondary education. While there, he wrote tens of songs and short stories. His 2014’s maiden record “Am Very Busy” featuring Dranuel which hit the airwaves at Radio Free Africa in 2016 was composed while at Lukole. He completed his ACSEE in 2012 and was employed as a freelance worker at Zantel Telecommunications for several months before joining Alliance Ginneries Limited as the General Stores Supervisor in July 2012.
     He was selected to join Teofilo Kisanji University on October 15th, 2012 for Bachelor degree in Arts with Education. While there, he continued writing short stories and composing reggae songs. His friendship with West Africans, Europeans and Asians enriched his raw materials for his dream masterpiece. His encounter with the Jinn, Witches and Wizards consolidated his cherish for Magic Realism. His three weeks stay in Zambia gave him a turning point in his writing career. He began writing “The House of Broken Hearts” in 2013 with the title “The Fury of Dilapidation”. The story was retitled three month later to “An Ugly Path of Success”. In February 14th, 2014 it was finally retitled “The House of Broken Hearts” with the whole story being rewritten.
     He graduated from Teofilo Kisanji University on 14th November 2015. He has written other works including “King of Grammar” and “Poetic Illumination”. He has worked with the National Electoral Commission (Mbeya, 2016), Bitech Training College (Mwanza, 2016), MultiChoice Tanzania: DStv (Mwanza, 2016) and currently; he is serving as an English Language teacher and head of languages department at Kusekwa Memorial Secondary School in Bariadi, Simiyu. Despite all the credits, he is a husband and a father. That’s him, Mr. John Baraka.

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