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Post by Jonathan Tafreg on Fri May 11, 2018 7:54 pm

I remember when you told me
That you no gonna fight, 
And I thought you're just
Feeling alright, 
But I wonder why you keep
On just pressing me tight.

All the time when it goes dark
I turn you on O my light, 
'Cos I know you gonna be on my side, 
But it seems somebody took away
That sense of sight. 

I remember most of time, 
You use to pay a visit
Down in my villa, yes I remember! 
But I never know the prime concern, 
I thought you're just a friend
And not a killer, now I remember.

Tell the truth I wanna know, 
'Cos I cannot stand it
That a friend and my neighbor
Now is against me, 
Or you call me on the phone, 
If you cannot make it
Walking down in my villa 
'Cos you'll offend me.

Why did you turn to be
So different, my neighbor! 
Why did you turn to be
So different? 
Tell I the truth, my neighbor
Why did you turn to be
So different? 

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